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Take advantage of our portfolio to keep your products, costs and production process competitive.

FPM are standing for a network of ring forges, open-die forges as well as subcontractors taking advantage of all required technical and free capacities. FPM consults and supports companies processing forged parts as well as raw materials, for example, seamless rolled rings, large-size bearings, flanged shafts, bars and wires. With FPM at your side you are guaranteed the complete chain of supply, transparent and traceable any time. Part of our portfolio are professional steel forges, raw materials and mechanical subcontractors. We are always a reliable partner for your company interests.

You need seamless rolled rings. We have the supplier. You are looking for an open-die forge, for valves, flanges or turbine shafts, we know the compatible supplier. You need support in CNC-turning or further mechanical processing. We know who has free capacities, and the capability to meet your quality requirements. You are processing bars and wires? Contact us we are your competent partner.

You search, we find.

FMP mediates, advises and supports you within the sector of steel and forging products. Our partners are ring forges and open-die forges, producing forging products at a very high quality level and great precision, in various steel qualities, in any form and size. The steel forges we are representing, manufacture serial parts, as well as individual forging products for business lines within the sector of renewable energies such as wind energy, hydroelectric power, tidal power stations, automotive suppliers, shipbuilding industry, mechanical engineering, oil - and gas industry. For example …

  • seamless rolled rings for slewing bearings, large-size bearings, roller bearings
  • gear wheels for drive- and chassis technology, gearbox
  • shafts, flanged shafts for turbines
  • valves for ball valves and butterfly valves
  • steel bars and wires for rings, rollers as well as balls for bearings

In addition we are agents for manufacturers with free capacities for subcontractor orders for horizontal and vertical CNC-turning, or for drilling and milling processing.

About us

At home in the world of steel.

FMP are a team of experts, who have a large knowledge and long-term experience within the world of steel. Our customers come from the sector of wind energy, automotive suppliers, shipbuilding industry, mechanical engineering, oil - and gas industry. They all have in common, a need of mostly specific and especially stress resistant forged parts in various designs and function. Our partners are European ring forges, open-die forges as well as mechanical processing companies, working on an up-to-date technical standard.

Our know-how is based on long term experience in steel matters. We are experts in production, processing and logistics, it is expert knowledge and expertise. We consult you in your personal ideas, we are agents between steel - and manufacturing industry. We have answers, solutions and the adequate supplier for your demand. We consult, accompany, support, plan and coordinate your purchases of seamless rolled rings, forged products, raw materials, mechanical processing and your supply chain.

We are also experts in optimizing and establishing management procedures and structures in order to strengthen the competitiveness of your company.


Agent for steel, steel forge and manufacturing industry.

Forged pieces for further mechanical processing also include smallest precision parts or real heavy-weights.
Manufacturers for forged parts must attach great importance on quality, precision and the reliability of suppliers involved. At the same time the steel sector is a world-wide operating commodity where a classified directory alone is not at all a helpful device. Also investigation within the internet will not lead to a satisfactory solution, as websites and paper don’t blush.

Where do you find the reliable supplier for your specific and individual forged pieces and the necessary mechanical processing, following next step? Where do you find the specialists for seamless rolled rings with a diameter of 120 mm or 4.50 m? Who is forging rings with a weight from 1 kilogram or 6.5 tons?

Fact is, that processing industry is in need of qualified and reliable suppliers to secure a complete supply chain. Especially for a medium-sized company the suppliers’ reliability and professionalism for raw materials, semi-finished products such as forged pieces as well as processed parts of very great economic importance. It’s the life-policy of your business.

Please contact us.

We are at home in the world of steel and know the best suppliers for you. We are agents between steel and manufacturing industry. Take advantage of our knowledge, our network of suppliers, excellent business contacts, our long-term experience and competence.

We are looking forward to find your solution.

Consultant for Supply Chain and Business Development.

As experts for steel as well as engineers and technical merchants with long-term experience within the steel industry, we have a clear view on structures and processes within companies, manufacturing forged or mechanical parts. We indicate weak leaks and potentials. This enables us to contribute our knowledge in an advisory way. We are reliable, loyal and dedicated. We think and act practical and goal oriented.

Our knowledge is your profit.

We advise you in a way that your company will stay or become an efficient, competitive and serious partner within the market.

Experience has proved that there are in fact numerous medium-sized companies are doing a great job however, they are suffering a lot of problems achieving the optimum output due to a lack of organization, human resources and incomplete work flows.

A demand for consulting and improvement of structures and work flow often becomes evident after the first contact or within the course of collaboration. Please contact us. No matter if it’s your supply chain, the improvement of your work flows, cost reduction or the development and reorganization of your company.

Competition does not sleep, stay alert.

Your contact, agent, consultant, service and support

In the first instance SERVICE for us means: “We are there for you”. You have a question, ask our advice, if you have a wish, contact us, if you have a problem, call us. We listen, have open ears, think and act on your behalf. We are there for you please contact us.

We can also do specialities

You have good ideas and a need for a specific forging parts? We realize it for you. Our network of ring forges and open-die forges has a wide production range. We know who and where the specialists for your specific products are.

Within our network of steel forges, mechanical subcontractors and suppliers, we also have specialists for special challenges. Forged shafts for your sales campaign or a seamless rolled ring with your company logo and red ribbon…we can manage.

Please contact us. We love specialities.

Too much is too much

In most cases it’s the extra work causing a great deal of time and additional temporary manpower. From the economic point of view, outsourcing of extra work will make sense. This is also true for extra work such as technical and commercial work e.g. IT data processing, accounting, human resources management, logistics, placing of barcodes and labels are often unprofitable. Contact us, we have the network we have the solution for you. For additional questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

We are looking forward to you.


Massucco Industrie Spa, supported by POR FESR 2007-2014 Piemonte region funds, has recently replaced a heating furnace with a new, higher-energy efficient one. This will allow a reduction of energy consumption and thus environmental impact of the production process.

Technical performance

Forged rings
250 mm
40 mm
140 mm
18 kg
Rolled rings
480 mm
80 mm
195 mm
32 kg